Seminar - Ransomwares & backdoors


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Seminar - Ransomwares & backdoors

With Groupe-E, SCRT (now Orange Cyberdefense) and AdvAct

Data loss through encryption (Ransomware) or theft (Backdoors) are two of the most successful targeted attacks on companies.

Data theft is a threat that can be carried out: by states (APT Advanced Persistent Threats), by cybercriminal organisations, by hacktivists or even by isolated individuals. This illegal quest for knowledge for intelligence or extortion purposes can bring a company to its knees. In Switzerland, the cyber attack against RUAG is a clear example of a data exfiltration attack.

In 2022, the National Centre for Cybersecurity (NSCS) received more than 34'000 reports, of which 159 were ransomware, which is double the number in 2020.


- 16:45 : Reception of Attendees
- 17:00 : Welcome by Michael Mäder, Professor @ HEIA-FR
- 17:10 : Groupe-E "Critical infrastructure, attack history and protective measures" will be presented by Christophe Chavaillaz & Yves Pascalin.
- 17:45 : SCRT "Pentest methodology, how an attacker infiltrates critical infrastructure" will be presented by Julien Oberson (Demos).
- 18:35 : AdvAct "Education, awareness raising, establishment of procedures" will be presented by Alain Keller.
- 18:45 : Aperitive and Networking

Slides / Languages

EN: The slides will be in English and the talks will be either in English, French, or German (according to the speaker's preference).

FR: Les transparents seront en anglais et les présentations pourront être faites en français, en anglais, ou en allemand (selon la préférence de l'orateur).

DE: Die Folien werden auf Englisch sein und die Vorträge können entweder auf Deutsch, Englisch oder Französisch gehalten werden (je nach Vorliebe des Sprechers).


Les inscriptions sont fermées
Date et heure
jeudi, 2 mars 2023
17:00 19:30 (Europe/Paris)

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Fribourg Cybersecurity

Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et d'Architecture de Fribourg, Michael Mäder, Fribourg Cybersecurity Seminar, Boulevard de Pérolles 80
1700 Fribourg

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Fribourg Cybersecurity

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